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SPΛCEMΛN is a talented upcoming DJ/Producer from Carlisle, UK. Specialising in Future House, he is rapidly building up a fan base throughout the UK and in the USA.

The journey for SPΛCEMΛN really began at the age of 16 when he decided that being able to perform the music he loved to hear would provide a whole new enjoyable experience of its own. Before he knew it, SPΛCEMΛN had gained several guest appearances at local clubs around Carlisle followed by weekly residency at club Terminal, DJing twice a week to wide audience from the Under 18s night to the busy Saturday ‘all-nighters’.

After this, SPΛCEMΛN decided to look into personalising his gigs, and so he began creating a range of mashups, combining popular chart songs with the the instrumental EDM hits from all over the rest of the world. Creating his own versions that when used in the local club scene would provide something new and popular. The first few of which went down a storm at his gigs that followed, including a 20 minute guest mix on a internet radio station broadcast from Manchester and listened to by thousands all over the world, and so, SPΛCEMΛN continued even to this day making EDM music accessible with the combination of chart music.

The real step up however started after many of his mashups received huge support off of world renowned DJs such as Lucky Date, Tritonal, Antonio Giacca and Marcelo CIC. Then, after meeting and having a conversation with one of his DJ idols Don Diablo at a gig in Florida, USA, SPΛCEMΛN received praise off of the legendary DJ and was advised to get working on some original material.

So, over the next few months, SPΛCEMΛN started building up his brand and in doing this confirmed 3 major UK tour dates in Leeds, Shap and Edinburgh playing the main stage to over 5000 people at each of the Total Warrior events, as well as some smaller but no less successful club gigs in Carlisle, Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester, Brighton, Blackpool, Liverpool, York, Birmingham and Essex. On 1st July he re-launched his own internet radio show “Ignition Radio” which was originally aired in 2014. The show which airs on the 1st of every month is currently listened to by hundreds of people from all over the UK and even in the USA. The biggest news of all however was the interest from clubs over in the USA, which could open up even more doors for SPΛCEMΛN in the not too distant future. Taking the advice from Don Diablo himself, SPΛCEMΛN then starting building up a studio of his own at home as well as acquiring the use of a professional one in Manchester to start producing his own original tracks.

Since then, SPACEMAN has now had 2 official releases. Ultraviolet was released on 15th April 2017, and, after a very hyped up wait, Mojito was released more recently on 26th June 2017. Mojito also got its own radio edit and music video which has made it hit the YouTube market even bigger. Now, working on his first EP, SPACEMAN is soon to be bringing us more future house, EDM or progressive releases, and growing his fan base, radio show and merchandise too.

As you can no doubt see, the journey hasn’t been an short one, but with the right amount of passion and determination for success, anything is possible. And there’s no doubt that with growing support, there is much more things still to come…

No matter what life throws at you
you just have to keep pursuing your dreams

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